Chris Li

Digital design, Lisper,Emacs.


face the pain. face the rape. face the faer. people are stupid. cofee is always helped. work control you ,or you control work. how to build a system for yourself. man if all about insist and check. create reminder and give it to yourself. categerise if also a think. use englist and adjust it ,it is just common used english ,express it. add to todo,quick check dictionary use python

all you need is a alfred input entry

add reminder with tags,how to categerise it.

C/C++ perl bash csh python elisp makefile js verilog systemverilog

arguments for program print/debug/comments lines control data/variable type arguments for function subfuctions fileio regexp

whells: flask tkinter uvm

git bootstrap n2n expect httpd samba ftpd

thought+memos+courage level+module